The Issues

Quality development

Our district is diverse and is experiencing explosive growth.  My main objective as  your District Commissioner includes promoting a safe and healthy environment for all residents of District 3. With that being said, property values, sidewalks, roads considerations and quality water/sewage are key to protecting our district.  We must consider at all costs  maintaining the value of our communities and investment into our county.  


Infrastructure enhancement

As I travel throughout the county, I have noticed a vast increase of “potholes”, trash along the roads and the increase of traffic demands. Reliable infrastructure is vital to economic growth. So, we must make the investment now in order to reap the benefits in the years ahead.


 Economic development

Constraints to economic growth are lack of skills, lack of capital investment, and lack of infrastructure. So, our solution is not low-paying jobs from the  excessive number of warehouses. Instead, we need  to stimulate growth of our small businesses, offer good paying jobs to our local residents, and create incentives to invest in our county.